Mobile App Development

Spectra mobile development team closely follows the latest trends in Mobile App Development with special focus on user experience. We offer custom mobile application development on all major platforms including iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry. We have developed Apps for a number of different vertical markets including enterprise productivity, data security, entertainment and education. We use the latest tools for development with an intense focus on the end-user experience. We have extensive experience in helping you rapidly deploy your enterprise Apps using MBAAS (Mobile Backend As A Service) solutions. Please contact us to discuss your requirements at to arrange a consultation.

Our Expertise

  • Mobile App Development
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Managed Service
  • Software as Service
  • Consulting

Our Application Development Process

Technology Expertise

Our software development team is well-experienced on a wide array of technologies and tools.
We also upgrade ourselves constantly to keep pace with the changing technology landscape.

App operating systems we work on

As a full-service mobile app development company, we can offer you end-to-end support. We mainly work on the following operating systems:

Android OS

Developed by Google, Android is by far the most widely used operating system and is popular for its scalability, faster time-to-market and lower cost of development.

iPhone / iOS

iOS is developed by Apple and is exclusively for iOS devices including iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. On a monetization angle, iOS apps perform much higher than other OSs.

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