Spectra is focused on providing software development services for high growth companies. We work tirelessly to meet the business objectives of our customers by helping them build differentiated products with beautiful user experience, and help create a “win – win” relationship. We believe in mutual respect & integrity and we always own up to what we promise to deliver.


Spectra was started by a group of seasoned silicon valley software engineers with the goal of providing complete end-end product development services to fast growing companies. They realized that in the fast pace of silicon valley there is a need for a services company experienced in agile development to augment a company’s staff such that they take complete lifecycle ownership of developing specific components for the customers portfolio. Our engineers are so technically experienced and competent that in addition to developing products, we have also developed intellectual property (IP) for several of our customers in form of patents! To date we have delivered multiple enterprise products taking responsibility for their product definition, architecture and development. We pay special attention to both quality and user experience to the delight of our customers.

Worldwide Services for Demanding Clients

Spectra provides software development services to businesses worldwide. We work with businesses that need a software development partner with user experience and product development skills. The principals of Spectra have years of experience developing award-winning software products.

Our Solutions

Our core technology expertise is in mobile, web & Cloud Application Development, software Quality Assurance and software lifecycle management. We offer a complete “end-to-end” software solutions team, including product management, architecture, security, software development and Quality Assurance.

Focused Engagements

Our engagement model is unique: We deploy both local senior technical and product management staff onsite that are supported by dedicated off-shore development teams. Our staff are well versed in developing mobile, web, and cloud products and provide you an experienced development team in a cost-effective and 24×7 engagement model. If you are a fast growing company looking for an experienced product development partner and have time-to-market pressures, then we are the right product development partner for you.

As a company we recruit technically competent and experienced people and offer them a professionally challenging and rewarding work environment. Our customer centric culture creates a passionate and dedicated team that is focused on providing exceptional services to our customers.

Our Expertise

  • Mobile App Development
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Managed Service
  • Software as Service
  • Consulting

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