Over the years we have developed several products for our customers. We will also be happy to provide you with details of relevant projects and provide professional references. Some of our recent projects include:

Enterprise Mobile Security Platform

Provided development for an enterprise mobile security product including product specifications/product management, development, Quality Assurance, and global support for the client. This customer’s products are being used to secure mobile devices and apps in a BYO environment for Global 2000 companies and organizations across the globe.

Our Expertise

  • Mobile App Development
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Managed Service
  • Software as Service
  • Consulting

Cloud integration for enterprise file share and sync

Developed key SDK components and third-party integration libraries, building the essential infrastructure to enable a Fortune 500 partner ecosystem. This work includes:

  1. 1
    iOS, Android and .Net SDKs

    iOS, Android and .Net SDKs, used by our client’s many partners to integrate with their enterprise file storage solution.

  2. 2
    Mac OS X ports

    Mac OS X ports of native Microsoft windows applications, used to integrate with third-party mobile applications on various mobile platforms.

  3. 3
    Integration of the client's

    Integration of the client’s file access product with popular email and productivity applications.

In addition, we have developed several web and cloud enabled enterprise applications for vertical use cases.

HIPAA compliant cloud app

Developed an app to address the healthcare needs of a hospice that greatly increased the level of care given to the patients while reducing the costs and errors associated with paperwork.

Various enterprise mobile and web/cloud applications

Developed mobile applications in the education, healthcare, retail, brand marketing, enterprise productivity and data security arenas for our clients. The core theme of these applications are engaging user experience, data security and aggressive time to market considerations. Let us know if you are interested in learning more about these projects.

What We Are Good At

Mobile Apps.
Web Development
Big Data Analytics

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